Alpha has produced many products for the US and allied militaries. Some of these products we can’t show you here. One of our largest projects to date was being contracted to produce the magazine for use in the Beretta M9 sidearm. Over 1 million magazines were produced, and because of unique improvements to the magazine, not a single failure has been recorded to date. Past magazines suffered failures from use in the harsh environments of current conflict areas.

From the expertise gained in the M9 project, Alpha was contracted to redesign and build the 30 round magazine for the 5.56MM M16 rifle. This magazine was all steel and was built with a single welded seam for unmatched strength. Multiple other products were made as well, please contact us for more info.

Alpha also produces a wide variety of storage shelves and assembly carts, some of which are used by aerospace and defense contractors.

Alpha adheres to MIL-STD-1916 standards.

Storage & shelving products